Modern & Remote: Bridge Studio by Sanders Architecture

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Are you the kind of person that gets a bit distracted? That can’t get any work done when there’s loud noises or people milling about? You might need to work in the Bridge Studio, by Sanders Architecture, located in the painfully beautiful but incredibly remote Deep Bay, the smallest community on Fogo Island, Canada.

“As with all the Fogo Island Arts Corporation’s Art Studios, Bridge Studio is paired with a traditional Newfoundland Saltbox house, this one is located in Deep Bay, the smallest community on Fogo Island with a population of one hundred and fifty people. The Bridge Studio’s Saltbox House is a freshly painted, in sharp contrast to its dilapidated condition, only a few months previous. A local carpenter who is putting the finishing touches on the house, points out the project’s double-hung, wood frame windows that were crafted at the local woodshop, initiated and operated by the Shorefast Foundation.”

Ooof. The views, obviously. The simple treatment of the interior so that the level of distraction is minimalized. Just what you need: a desktop, a fireplace for warmth, maybe a little storage. It still seems very charming and soul-touching in the inside though, with just a hint of traditionalism in the wood walls and a few elements.

Would you love to work here or would the trek through wilderness deter you from starting work everyday?!

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