Mixed greens: composting options

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The virtues of composting—nutrients for the garden, beneficial for the environment, a lighter family footprint—have been well documented. But getting most people to actually do it is a dicier proposition. The convenience of sink disposals and under-counter garbage cans is hard to match, and piling up waste matter is, admittedly, dirty business.

Luckily, product designers have been paying attention, and have been steadily churning out comely incentives to make the process of composting cleaner, convenient and downright worthy of display.

Composting pails are handy receptacles for accumulating daily kitchen scraps, which can then be offloaded into outdoor composting bins on a weekly basis.  And, happily, there’s no shortage of smartly designed, good looking options for the conservation minded (and design driven) household.


Simple Human stainless steel

OXO Good Grips plastic

Typhoon vintage enamel

Chef’n EcoCrock plastic

RSVP bamboo

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