Menosunocerouno Gives Survivor Kit a New Look

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Move over Ralph’s plain wrap.  For those of you who remember the 1980’s light blue iconic stripe over white labels and simple font word that describes the contents of the packaging, Mexican branding company, Menosunocerouno gives plain wrap a new lift.

Not unlike the plain wrap, Menosunsocerouno packaged their Just In Case survival kit in yellow and black.  It does include also includes more practical items like matches, a knife and water, plus a notebook.





Interestingly enough includes chocolate and hard liqueur.  Who is going to argue with that?


It is missing the all important flashlight and band aids, but who cares.  It is plainly stylish enough for an amusing conversation piece or gift.  “Just in case” you need one. The limited edition kit will be available in selected design stores in Mexico. More information visit Menosunocerouno

Have an infinitely modern day!


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