MCK Architects’ Flipped House

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This is great example of a “bring the outdoors in” sort of design. You really feel a connection between the interior spaces and the outdoor areas, yet the design of each is very distinct. You don’t necessarily feel like you’re inside when you’re out or vice versa, you just feel like you can rest easy because you know the other is right nearby.

“A 1960’s house has been replaced and reflected by a contemporary version of itself, with a focus that now engages as much on the surrounding garden as it does the panoramic CBD view.”

“The original plan and massing were adapted + literally ‘flipped’ with garden elements to create a more expansive connection from inside to out. Details, fixtures and fittings are sensitive to the original home.” More images on MCK Architects’ website. This home’s connection to the indoors and outdoors reminds us of another home we had recently posted about: Skirt + Rock House brings the outside in

Images: Willem Rethmeier via MCK Architects’ website
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  1. Chris

    May 6, 2012 at 9:20 am

    This is a pretty neat concept. I’ve been wanting to change the back half of my home and just reading this has giving me a little inspiration. I love how the outdoors has been brought indoors!

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