Mathis Rekowski’s Wild Illustrations

Art & Design

Bold, gregarious, busy, colorful and just a little bit scary, Mathis Rekowski’s illustrations are compositions that jump right off the paper and kind of slap you around in the face a bit before settling back down to just visually assault your eyes (in a good way).

His works feature a very smooth, nearly textural landscape…little microcosms of characters who are vying for your attention. Their universe is one of exuberance and strife; hardly a quiet day or night passes in these imagined compositions.

What’s perhaps most amazing is that Germany-based Mathis works primarily as an illustrator—not just an artist—so his work often appears in print publications. Kind of amazing he’s made a name for himself using his style in that world. Kind of a testament to always being yourself, don’t you think? See more on his online portfolio.

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