ICFF 2012 Trend: Smoked Glass

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As anyone who has paid attention to trends knows, neon colors and other motifs from the 1980s have definitely been making their way into the fashion and interior world, and now there’s another one to add to the list: smoked glass.

A mysterious, enigmatic material, there’s always something appealing and attracting about something that seems to be a clear material but hides a little, too. Giving away just enough to pull you in but not so much that you get the whole story, we spotted smoked glass being used in large furniture pieces to mirrors to accessories to lighting. We even spotted a lot of finishes that while not technically smoked glass, definitely fit the aesthetic.

These aren’t all the folks who were sporting smoked glass themes in their new design pieces, but here are some of our favorites:

Loved Council’s Merge Table.

Roll & Hill’s Silk Road Pendants were awesome.

Our own available-on-2Modern TOKEN rocking it with their Lemp Pendants 2.

Spotted these smoked glass containers at the Nick Munro booth.

The ladies from the new Egg Collective (more on them later today) stunned with this table of theirs.

This neat beads + smoked glass low coffee table was rich and mysterious, by Espacio Sami Hayek.

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