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ICFF 2012: First Taste!

Categories: ICFF 2012

You’re gonna love the design tastes of all the wonderful things we’ve been spotting at ICFF 2012 in New York City! And wow have we seen some amazing things. It’s a great show this year. A lot of fresh ideas and enthusiasm. We’ve checked in with all of your favorite 2Modern designers to see their new products (you’ll be delighted). We’ve also noticed lots of new trends…stay tuned all this week for posts full of photos! Wanna a sneak peek? Check out our Facebook album ICFF 2012 for some great shots! We’ll be updating that, too!

7 Comments to "ICFF 2012: First Taste!"

  1. Love these designs Adrienne! What trends are you seeing?

    • SO MANY trends! I’m literally gonna do like 8 posts this week about all the trends I saw. My favorite was all the rockin’ woman designers I saw with awesome stuff, but I noticed a lot of mesh being used, I saw a lot of designers with great home bar ideas (does that mean everyone loves to drink these days?!) and more. Stay tuned!!

  2. pictures! pictures! pleeeease!!

  3. looking forward to it!

  4. I really have no idea what I am looking at but if Erica loves the design it must be special…this girl knows her stuff!

    PS : Where ever life takes you good luck in all that you pursue, it was nice to chat with you. Have a great time in TO…only one Timmy’s a day and go easy on the ice wine. Have a safe flight home!

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