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How to Mix Nature and Glam: Viva Day Spa

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Austin’s Viva Day Spa, designed by Joel Mozersky, is a perfect balance of natural elements with a little bit of luxurious glam. If you’ve always loved both of these styles and wanted them for your home but didn’t know how the two could possibly be mixed, just check out this awesome example (even if it’s a spa and not a house).

Joel did a great job mixing soft and simple natural wood furniture, with wood furniture with a lot of texture and detail. With those elements, he also balanced modern elements without a lot of detail (like that great white modern table) and traditional pieces dripping with detail (like the chandelier). Perfect mix. See more of Joel’s work on his portfolio.

One Comment to "How to Mix Nature and Glam: Viva Day Spa"

  1. Great posting. I particularly like the chairs in the reception area however, I really love the chandelier too..

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