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You know, as much as we love drooling over stunningly modern homes that only the very luckiest and richest few could probably afford, we also enjoy loving on a home that is totally accessible! You can say that’s our whole raison d’etre here at 2Modern — showing you that modern, in all its iterations, is available to everyone who wants it.

We spotted this home of Helen and Garson on the great blog Old Brand New. You can see, instantly, what a stunner of a place this is. Yeah, they’ve got some pretty sweet retro Mid-Century Modern pieces, but they also visually give the best tip to how to create a modern space when you don’t have a lot of modern dough (or a brilliant modern piece of architecture on a cliff somewhere overlooking the sea): it’s all in the vignette’s baby.

Definitely check out the original post of this home on Old Brand New for tons more photos (taken by the homeowners) and lots of inspiration for your own totally accessible modern space.

How do you make for a modern space without unlimited funds? Do you like what they did?

Images: Helen and Garson via Old Brand New
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  1. Jonathon Barnes

    May 15, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Modern spaces in my circle of friends seems to be a process of gathering like, complementary and existing coloured objects and defining a room through these. “Theming-it-up” as they put it. It seems to work and doesn’t cost a thing, unless you feel that a few addition bits are worth the money.

    The space shown here is a tiny bit ho-hum but in a very cosy ‘easy-to-live-in’ way, but looks like the house I grew up in. Never was there a designer in sight at that address! And that cat gets way too much of its fuzzy butt in front of the camera. Be blessed!

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