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Finnish Retreat

Categories: Architecture + Interiors


The angled lines of this little refuge are unmistakably dramatic and functional.  It is all about the outdoors with the emphasis on the terrace, while the triangular walls  protect the Villa Mecklin from the wind, provide some shade  and give privacy.


Villa Mecklin, designed by Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects,  is located in the Finnish archipelago taking advantage, as it should, of the view and the sun. It sits between rocks, its sheltered terrace extending over the summit, offering a visual connection with the shoreline.  There is a separate structure for the sauna.  The wood burning fire pit and the stove heated cabins provide warmth when the sun goes down and is not filling the house with warm light.
The building materials selected for Villa Mecklin are uncontrived, basic ones suited for the archipelago. All wood surfaces have been left untreated and will turn grey naturally.  The Villa was built in 2008. The floor area of the villa is appx 753 sq. feet with the sauna being appx 210 sq feet.


Have an infinitely modern day!

3 Comments to "Finnish Retreat"

  1. Thanks for sharing this- a beautifully-designed space, inside and out…

  2. This is truly amazing! I especially like the picture where they are surrounding fireplace, I think I can spend eternity here. So lovely, thanks for sharing this

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