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Eric Trine’s Earthy, Modern, Well-made Stuff

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Yum. We love when craftspeople describe themselves as a “maker of things.” Really shows that they feel connected to the actual process of building with materials. Which, in turn, makes people feel more connected to the products that they’re shelling a little extra out on. It’s a beautiful cycle that has certainly grown in popularity and a cycle we hope to continue to see more of in the future.

Eric Trine, Portland-based, self-proclaimed “maker of things” makes good things. Sleek, yes, but earthy things. Taken from his bio: “I’m a maker. I’m a designer and an artist, but both of those attributes are channeled through the act of making. If I was an architect, I’d also have to be the builder. You know what I mean?”

We totally know what you mean, Eric. More on Eric Trine’s website.

Images: Eric Trine’s website

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