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DIY: Felted Box Storage Thingy

Categories: DIY + How To

We’d be lying if we said we could completely understand what’s going on with this DIY project; the site we found it on is in Portuguese and Google Translator isn’t working its best work today. Like, we’re not entirely sure where you get a giant piece of gray felt…maybe you make it? Or maybe a fabric store? The point is if you have a giant sheet of felt and some neon-colored yarn you might have an awesome DIY project on your hands. More information on Casa de Colorir.

4 Comments to "DIY: Felted Box Storage Thingy"

  1. I’d start with a printmaking supply…we used to use them in the hand presses…then the moving company, I’m not sure why. They sort of look like the ones used to line horse trailors…..great. I don’t even want to make them and I am out looking for giant sheets of great felt! You guys aren’t always good for me.

  2. The material used to make the box is carpet.

  3. Hey guys, it’s not felt, it’s carpet! Thanks for sharing my project! Thalita

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