DIY Art: Just Paint Over the Sucker

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Yeah, you heard us. Have a piece of art you hate? Or even is just kind of “eh”? Don’t let that thing hang around your house zapping all your creative energy; transform it into a whole new piece of art with a revolutionary invention hundreds of years in the making: paint! We spotted a great example of this DIY method on the blog Old Brand New. What we loved about it the most is that, unlike some similar projects we’ve seen in the past, this doesn’t look like it’s gonna take a lot of skill to do (not that’s it’s not lovely, just, looks very accessible). So, go grab some ugly canvases, some paint, and go make yourself a dramatic DIY statement for your wall. Before photo at Old Brand New.

Would you ever paint over an existing painting to make it more something you’d want to hang?!

Image: Old Brand New
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