Chuun chair by Christian Vivanco

Modern Decor

“A tree transformed into furniture or furniture morphing into a tree?”

Mexican designer Christian Vivanco designed this chair/coat rack after meticulous contemplation of the interactions we have with the objects that live with us. He observed his own routine upon arriving home and realized chairs are often used to serve purposes other than sitting on them, such as being a side table, a stool or a clothing repository. This diversity of uses caught his attention and inspired him to create a chair that truly and explicitly considered one of these alternate functions.

As a result Chuun was born and, in the designer’s words, ‘took on a life and personality of its own. A chair who yearned to go back to being a tree; a ‘living’ piece of furniture from which a branch grew.’

Christian runs a concept-driven creative studio and teaches young designers in his hometown university. Visit his website to browse through his other 20+ creations.

Images: http://christianvivanco.com
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