Anne Boenisch’s Meaningful Modern Furniture

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We received a lovely email today from independent Berlin-based furniture designer Anne Boenisch offering up some juicy photos of her most recent furniture design work, which she showed in Milan at the Salone Satellite. Known for bringing together the most promising young designers, you can see from these photos why she was included in such a distiguished group.

Before starting product design studies, she worked as a carpenter and has co-founded the design group “erstererster” in Berlin. She’s worked on various design projects and exhibitions in Milan and Berlin as well as seen her work shown in Tokyo, Seoul, Tapei and Taiwan.

“She focuses on designing high-quality, vibrant everyday products and interior designs, combining practical use with charm. Her work has been awarded several design prizes and was nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2010.” More on her website.

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