Angles & Reflection: FMD’s K Residence

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What do you do when you need to renovate a teeny tiny Melbourne, Australian home but you don’t have a lot of money and you certainly don’t have a lot of space? You respect the structure’s original blueprint, raise the roof (literally) and add in architectural details that visually expand the space.

FMD Architects, an Australia-based firm, is no stranger to stringent building requirements, and tackled this project with ease and delight. We enjoy how angles with walls are explored to create interest in a space that would normally just be rectangular-shaped and that faceted, mirrored kitchen island is a geometric dream that adds a load of personality to a space that again, could have turned out really boring. More information on the FMD Architects’ website.

What do you think about the neat additions to this space? Would you ever try to grab inspiration from a place like this for your own home?!

Images: FMD Architects’ website
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