Adorable Design Mini Vid: François Chambard’s One-of-a-Kind Craft System

Modern Decor

François Chambard of UM Project is a clever and creative modern furniture designer. His chairs, tables and storage pieces are always so functional, nice-looking and completely unique. But he’s not only about being serious with design; he loves to have fun, and that shows through not only in the colorful, bold details in his pieces, but also in the design side projects he works on.

He talked to us about his Craft System, which played on the form of the base he designed for his new Atum Lamp. He took that shape and created several different, completely-original and unique design characters, each with their own aesthetic and function. We took a quick video of

Need more or wanna hear his awesome accent while he describes why he does what he does? Listen to an interview: François Chambard of UM Project.

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