8 Spaces that “Bring the Outdoors In” Crazy Good

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It’s a concept as old as time in interiors and architecture: “Bring the outdoors in.” With good reason. Us humans like cavorting with nature, and we like it even more when we can cavort from the comforts of our own home. Here are eight spaces that do a great job of either bringing the outside in, or at the very least bringing so close you can’t miss it:


MCK Architects’ Flipped House

Buck O’Neill Builders Offices by jones | haydu

Won Dharma Center by Hanrahan Meyers Architects

House in Senri by Shogo Iwata Architects

Clean lines and good materials: Casa oZs0

Blair House by Bruce Bolander Architect

Skirt + Rock House brings the outside in

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  1. tehmina

    May 5, 2012 at 4:22 am

    Mind blowing I really enjoyed the idea of bringing the outdoor in.

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