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We’re at ICFF! We’re temporarily suspending the regular sort of programing you usually see around the blog to bring to you the very newest and best from all of our favorite furniture designers and brands that are at ICFF! But it won’t just be on the blog! You’ve GOT to stay tuned to our Twitter page and Facebook page as we live tweet new and stunning finds all day (but not too much so that it’s annoying, or anything!).

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also be updating a Facebook photo album full of yummy ICFF photos so you can be the first to see the newest of new in modern furniture design. We’ll have a Pinterest board full of juicy photos, too, if that’s more your style. Wanna see every photo we take ever? Follow @adriennebreaux on Instagram for a first look at everything we see at ICFF this year!

What do you wanna see? Where do you want us to go? Who do you want us to talk to? Let us know! 

Image: Michelin Guides Tumblr
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