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Daily Archives: May 25, 2012

8 DIY’s to Do on a Long Weekend

Categories: DIY + How To
8 DIY's to Do on a Long Weekend

A long weekend is nearly upon us. If you are like us and have been diligently following our awesome DIY + How to section but maybe haven’t actually done many projects out of lack of time, now’s your chance! We’re certainly going to be seizing ours. In a blatant show — Continue reading

Mixed greens: composting options

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability
Mixed greens: composting options

The virtues of composting—nutrients for the garden, beneficial for the environment, a lighter family footprint—have been well documented. But getting most people to actually do it is a dicier proposition. The convenience of sink disposals and under-counter garbage cans is hard to match, and piling up waste matter is, admittedly, — Continue reading