1940s Retreat by Rick & Cindy Black Architects

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We love modern. Like, real modern that is sleek and kind of looks like the interior of a space ship. We also like modern in terms of Mid-Century Modern. Retro modern. Shapes and lines that hearken back to that awesome period of design time. So when the two mix? Whoo wee we love LOVE it.

Austin-based husband and wife team Cindy and Rick Black do an amazing job rehabbing and redesigning older bungalows in Austin (as well as new design), and this one is a definite example of awesomeness.

“This renovation improved upon some common design problems with the typical bungalow form. A gracious new stair constructed of reclaimed douglas fir and pine creates a defined entryway; walls were removed to open up the kitchen to the dining and breakfast areas; and the side entry was reconfigured to include a desk, plenty of drawers for storage, and laundry. The drywall at the kitchen and dining was peeled away to reveal the original shiplap, which was painted green to bring a saturated, warm color to the space.”

Read more about the project and see more photos on their portfolio website.

What do you think about redoing and refreshing older bungalows like this?

Images: Whit Preston via Rick & Cindy Black Architects
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