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Daily Archives: May 17, 2012

Patrik Lindell’s Abstract Architecture Art

Categories: Art + Graphics
Patrik Lindell's Abstract Architecture Art

I look at a lot of architecture all day. In person and in photos. I like it when I can see the whole building close up. I like it when I see just one side. I like when a shot zeroes in on a detail. Though using architecture — angles, — Continue reading

Studio DUNN Debuts New Furniture at ICFF

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Studio DUNN Debuts New Furniture at ICFF

Studio Dunn straight up rockin’ the new modern furniture designs category of life today. Just got an email from them with four of their newest pieces. Gorgeous! Love the contrast between the glossy painted portion of the Corliss Chair and the soft wood portion. Freaking out over that dark and — Continue reading

2 DIY Projects for a Modern Graphic Pop!

Categories: DIY + How To
2 DIY Projects for a Modern Graphic Pop!

What’s a modern graphic pop, you ask? Well it’s a small, isolated element in your space that stands apart from the rest. Similar to a “pop” of color somewhere (like a throw pillow or a vase), a graphic pop is a surprising burst of graphics. Not quite a pattern, which — Continue reading

Jobe Fabrications’ Industrial, Handmade Looks

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Jobe Fabrications' Industrial, Handmade Looks

Bryan Jobe of Jobe Fabrications loves steel. Like, loves. The way it looks, the way it feels. He loves steel so much, it plays the starring role in the modern/industrial furniture he makes under the name Jobe Fabrications. Based in Austin, Texas, he enjoys leaving the steel mainly untouched and — Continue reading