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Daily Archives: May 10, 2012

More Dream Homes: 100 Inspirational Interiors

Categories: News + Events + Contests
More Dream Homes: 100 Inspirational Interiors

Like looking at gorgeous interior spaces? Like getting inspiration from those spaces? Like just seeing how other people live? Then you’ll love today’s book up for giveaway, “More Dream Homes: 100 Inspirational Interiors” by Andreas von Einsiedel and Johanna Thornycroft. As the title might suggest, this is a follow up — Continue reading

Modern DIY Outdoor Tablecloth

Categories: DIY + How To
Modern DIY Outdoor Tablecloth

You would never think this, but it’s pretty tough to find a cool modern outdoor tablecloth. Believe us, we’ve tried. We’ve decided that to get the look we want, we might have to resort to a DIY decision, and thankfully, we came across this great tutorial on Yellow Brick Home. — Continue reading

Zoë Mowat’s Warm Forms & Furniture

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Zoë Mowat's Warm Forms & Furniture

We sound like a broken record sometimes, but truly: we’re amazed that anyone can come up with a new design with traditional furniture shapes anymore! It always seems like everything’s been done before and then you come across something like Zoë Mowat’s work and you realize you’ve just been delighted and — Continue reading

Finnish Retreat

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Finnish Retreat

  The angled lines of this little refuge are unmistakably dramatic and functional.  It is all about the outdoors with the emphasis on the terrace, while the triangular walls  protect the Villa Mecklin from the wind, provide some shade  and give privacy.   Villa Mecklin, designed by Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects,  is located — Continue reading