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Stunningly Simple Wood Details in Titus Bernhard’s House 11×11

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Titus Bernhard‘s House 11×11 is quite simply, stunning. It absolutely sings with gorgeous yet simple details. Like the wood framework around the windows and doors. In the dining area, the large picture window’s sill is extended to create a bench for the dining table.

In an upstairs bedroom, a wonderful window to the bottom floor is created, along with a bench, out of wood and glass.

The wood frame details and the shape of the skylight over a surprisingly boldly colored entry way is beautiful.

“The idea behind House 11 x 11 was to design an apparently compact house of homogenous materials, with a low external surface but as large a usable area as possible, a house that serves a family as an inhabitable sculpture and shows its exterior as an image of the inner organization.”

What do you think about this home, inside and/or out?

Images: Architizer

One Comment to "Stunningly Simple Wood Details in Titus Bernhard’s House 11×11"

  1. Love this house! I like the design and the color of the wood.

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