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Skirt + Rock House brings the outside in

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

There’s this cliche phrase in house design that architects and interior design professionals throw around a lot and it sometimes makes us cringe: “Bring the outside in.” Cringe not because we want such a harsh and distinct division between the outdoors and in, but because oftentimes it’s misused due in part to the outside not actually being brought in at all. So, it is with a massive amount of seriousness that we say this home not only resurrects that phrase, it brings it to life in ways we never thought possible.

As you can clearly see, outside spaces mingle with inside spaces in an almost imperceptible way. Both are given an extraordinary level of design consideration, but yet both do remain succinct, with their own flavor. Called the “Skirt + Rock House,” it was designed by MCK Architects and is located inVaucluse, Australia.

Even the inside areas that are farthest away from outside areas are still connected with nature through beautiful views utilizing smartly placed windows.

Our second favorite thing about this home is its gorgeous and neutral-yet-interesting color palette, that despite your level of outdoor/indoor connectivity would still be pretty steal-able.

What do you think about this home and its stellar inside/outside spaces?

Images: Architizer 

3 Comments to "Skirt + Rock House brings the outside in"

  1. I love the low bookcase area and the natural materials. The simple natural outside areas are just what I am looking for in my own landscape.

  2. My ultimate dream home is a great combo of inside and outside. That first picture is paradise!

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