PrintedArt Photographer’s Choice: Tina Uihlein’s Top Five List

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Today we feature the picks of Tina Uihlein. Uihlein enjoys using digital manipulation on her landscape, nature, and fine art photographs to “make the photos that can’t be taken,” she says. Uihlein examines the natural world with an expert eye, finding details and moments that – once enhanced – have a surreal and otherworldly presence. To see Tina Uihlein’s PrintedArt.com collection, visit her portfolio.

Eiffel in Blue by Robert Strovers

Having recently been to Paris for the first time, this image has special meaning to me. I absolutely love how the monochromatic shading and soft glow create a magical, dreamlike quality.

The Heads by Juergen Berkessel

Technically well-balanced with an excellent use of the Rule of Thirds. This beautiful image creates a sense of tranquil solitude.

Starfish on the Shore by Dario Sartini

I love the soft colors and – again – the sense of tranquility in this image. Great example of the Golden Ratio, too!

Pink Flower Dew Drops by Anna McAlister

I deliberately tried to look at photographers who had a different style or worked with different subject matter than I, but Anna’s work kept drawing me in. I chose to spotlight this one because it is so dynamic. It almost feels as though the water is splashing off the flower and about to land on the viewer.

Crystal Lake and Three-Way Mountain by Rakesh Malik

I have always thought black and white photography was so much more difficult than color. In addition to a good subject, a great b&w image depends on great contrast – areas of pure black, areas of pure white with no detail lost in between. I think this image would make my idol, Ansel Adams, proud.

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