Natalia Coll’s sustainable Edwin fruit squeezer

Modern Decor

Not only do we adore the look of this gorgeous little sexy fruit squeezer, the philosophy behind its design and materials used is so wonderful and modern: much like products used to be made (before planned obsolescence became a thing) the Edwin is made out of sustainable materials like wood and ceramic and made to be easily repaired if ever needed. Basically Natalia Coll has designed the last fruit squeezer you’ll ever have to buy.

“Edwin is a fully repairable and sustainable fruit squeezer. Some time ago, products that accompanied us were long lasting and reparaible, made of natural and sustainable materials. Edwin is an electric squeezer made of wood and ceramics. Its components are easily replaceable in case that it needs repair. This way, it is the user who can make Edwin become everlasting. In case Edwin needs to be disposed, its components can be disposed separatedly for their proper disposal.”

See more photos, a video and read more information on Natalia Coll’s website.

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