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Modern French Beachy Formentera House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Whiz bang! We usually don’t go for those seashore-esque decorated houses because they also seem a little cheesy, but this might be the most perfect example of mixing modern decor with a beach-y feel that we’ve ever seen. It’s so perfect. That extraordinary ceiling made of rough-cut wood definitely sets the tone in the space.

But then plenty of stunning natural fibers and textures flow through out the space, like that fun rug with the circular pattern. The color palette is overwhelmingly earth-colored, which makes us feel better about them using typical beachy colors like yellow and blue.

Not every square inch of the space is covered in sea shells or sea-themed decor, which makes the parts that do more palatable and also more enjoyable.

Even the kitchen counters have a perfect mix of modern lines and sort of beachy finish.

What do you think about the modern/sea-themed mix you see in this space? Ever try and emulate this in your place?

 Images: Jordi Canosa via French by Design

2 Comments to "Modern French Beachy Formentera House"

  1. Beautiful job – love it! Love the modern mix with the sea shore elements. The ceiling definitely sets the over all feeling for the room love the rough-cut wood. Love the yellows and blues colors mixed with the natural materials and earth tones used throughout your space.

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