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Miriam Sweeney Photography

Categories: Art + Graphics


Subversion - Miriam Sweeney photography

Last February the artist Miriam Sweeney entered a competition hosted by the famous Saatchi Gallery with the name Showdown. Sweeney competed with her work Subversion and she won! The two works are simple stunning, because they have this quiet strength. There is just something very poetic about the two pieces. Very sober, clean, mysterious  modern in its minimality.  One only can imagine what one does not see.   It can almost take you back in time as one friend said when I showed it to him, “This is what you would have seen as a hansom cab came near on a foggy day in London in 1895.”

Subversion II  - Miriam Sweeney photography

Have an infinitely modern day!

2 Comments to "Miriam Sweeney Photography"

  1. Can I buy a print of Subversion?

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