Michael Yates Design’s sexy-edged Vave Table

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Do we talk too much about Austin-based furniture designer Michael Yates, of Michael Yates Design, who we’ve interviewed (Exclusive Interview: Michael Yates) and posted updates about new pieces of furniture (like his Kyoto Dresser)? Well we just spotted his new Vave Table so we’re posting about him again. Deal with it. From the craftsman himself:

“I had this fantastic and wide piece of walnut, and it just seemed offensive to cut it into a (zzzzzzz) rectangle and I’d been wanting to mess around with faceting an edge like this. So I was just totally free-styling on the modulated edge, based on the look of the grain, etc., and had no plans at all for this piece before I started. The parallelogram base gives a bit of an optical illusion, too; it messes with your depth perception. Please don’t tell anyone that it wasn’t an intended effect.”

“I will be working this into a large standing corner desk soon, with three identical but skewed planes such as this that interact in a way that still allows for drawers and whatnot. Also will have classically profiled, turned legs. Will be dope.” We bet it will be dope, Michael. We bet it will. See more of Michael’s work on the Michael Yates Design website or on the Michael Yates Design Facebook page.

Bonus — Vave in space (courtesy of the designer himself):

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