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The snow might be melting in most parts of the country, but ignore the season presented in the landscape of these photos; the house featured is clearly an all-weather charmer. Just look at that entryway! Who doesn’t love a juicy, modern entryway to introduce guests into your space. This one featured a curvy gray vestibule with a hot pop of yellow and lots of storage for wood (when it is cold outside). The inside of the space is just as cool as the outside. Because of the interesting shape of the structure, the inside’s got some fun angles highlighted by some warm-colored material choices. Furniture is kept bold and customized to the space’s needs. Overall a cool place. Located in Nosice, Slovakia and designed by Pokorny architekti.

“The core of the weekend house is a two storeys high gathering/living/eating space with a tile stove. This core is functionally extended by a roofed atrium and wellness area on the ground floor and two loftlike bedrooms on the 2nd floor. The construction is made of layered and insulated wood pannels on the critical corners reinforced via steel profiles. The interior/exterior concept is based on the original idea (“traditional wooden house”) visually transformed in the fully wooden skin as from the outside (thermo pine) so from the inside (larch slabs) together with a up to date furnishing.”

What do you think of this home? We’d live in it more than a weekend at a time…but that’s just us! 

Images: Architizer
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