Jeana Baumgardner’s Organic and Geometric Paintings

Art & Design

One could say that imagined landscape seem to make up the subject matter of (new to) Austin-based painter Jeana Baumgardner. Shapes, of all kinds, also seem to play an integral part in her colorful, abstracted landscape-esque compositions.

Definitely fitting the “modern” bill, we like how she also tends to play around with texture, both with the actual paint itself, and also in a 2D sort of way with some of the backgrounds, like in the one above that resembles a rocky (dare we say it?) Mars-like surface.

From her bio on her online portfolio: “She recently relocated to Austin, Texas from Brooklyn, New York and is looking forward to exploring and participating in the Austin art world. Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Artworld Digest, Zing Magazine and Flaunt Magazine.”

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