Austin urban design: Ice Cream for Waller Creek


If you have any interest at all in urban development and changing a city’s public architecture for the better, you might have already heard of the Waller Creek project in Austin, which has already been drawing comparisons to New York’s High Line Park in terms of size, type and impact it could have on the city. If you haven’t read or heard anything about it yet, we suggest a peek at a great piece CultureMap wrote about it.

On Easter Sunday, April 8th, 3pm-5pm at local Austin bar Mohawk: “An event to educate the public on a proposed designed for the new Waller Creek Program. Marching band, event speakers, architecture installations, interactive educational booths & ice cream on the roof deck! If you go to shows, love red river, and are interested in art and architecture should come and see this set up. Its a great place to see the future, get questions answered, and chug beer & ice cream on Easter Sunday.”

Waller Creek image: Austin Towers
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