How-to: Modernize a Space with Color

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We don’t all get the luxury of living in an awesome architectural specimen like the ones we post about on the blog in our Architecture + Interiors. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t want the look of modern in our home. There are plenty of things you can’t change about a house easily, but there are also plenty of things you can. One of them being color. In honor of Sherwin-Williams’ National Painting Week, we asked Sherwin-Williams paint, color and design expert Becky Ralich how to “modernize” a home by just using color:

  • For a fresh modern approach, make a commitment to color and paint the entire room instead of just an accent wall.
  • Select a bold and vibrant color for a piece of furniture and paint it a high gloss finish.
  • Use the powder room to experiment with color. Get out of your comfort zone and create a wow factor. The room is generally small and adjacent (not open) to other rooms, so its a great place to have fun with color.
  • The ceiling is often overlooked, add some interest by painting it using 5% of the formula from your wall color.
  • Don’t forget the front door and entry. Weather can take it’s toll on the door and it’s the first impression before someone enters your home, so adding color can really freshen and modernize your space.

Feel free to check out Sherwin Williams’ National Painting Week board on Pinterest, full of more fun ideas and tips.

Images: Provided by Sherwin Williams
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