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House in Senri by Shogo Iwata Architects

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

If the M.C. Escher-like scene in the brilliant 80s movie “Labyrinth” had a baby with modernism, it would be this house. Architecturally speaking, there are a lot of stairs in this house. Now we’re in no position to say whether there are a gratuitous amount of stairs in this home, but there are certainly a lot that show up in the photos.

Called the House in Senri, it was designed by Shogo Iwata Architects and is located in Osaka, Japan. We like how you can even see that there are tons of stairs outside, visible from windows.

Cool outdoor area. Wait, are those stairs made out of rocks and plants?

So many stairs!

“This house is planned for a family, husband, wife and their son. This small house has 8 levels of floor between entrance in the basement to the roof terrace in order to constitute every space not in concentrated way by big void but reciprocal relation of each space. This arrangement makes the notion of floor ambiguous and the continuity of space compatible with the hierarchy of space. In order to realize this spatial constitution with small gap we adopt steel structure. We use visible steel frame in 40mmx125mm flat bar that allow us to make each space flow without gravity.”

What do you think about all these stairs? What do you think about this home?

Images: Architizer

2 Comments to "House in Senri by Shogo Iwata Architects"

  1. I adore the surreal look of it, and how they mixed in natural elements like wood and stone into such an uber-modern structure! I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with the stairs in the bottom pic… they appear to go nowhere.

    Also, though they meant this for a family, I don’t think all those rail-less stairs would be safe for ME, much less children… ;)

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