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This is gonna sound weird, but if gnomes were real and they had gnomes that really dug modern design we feel like this is the kind of home they’d live in. Maybe it’s that gorgeous green grass, but probably it’s the neat shape, and definitely it’s the cute and quirky interiors.

Located in Japan and designed by Torafu Architects, there’s such a wonderful airy-ness to the interior of this home, which is sort of surprising because the outside seems very intense; very heavy and strong and sturdy. Not the sort of place that you’d imagine to be flooded with light, and yet, there it is!

Perhaps it’s all the interesting elements to this home combined that just make it feel so magical. There just is a sort of whimsy — a restrained one so that it is still considered modern—but it’s still there. The world needs more magical architecture, in our opinion.

“This site is located in a quiet residential region reclaimed on a hill of Yokohama. With neighboring houses lined very close together, this flag-shaped site meets a road at a verge of no more than 3 meters in width.”

“Since the site is tilted to the north, and the neighboring house to the south is two-storied and built on a tiered, higher ground, at first it seemed almost impossible to let in light from the south, although the client, a married couple who has lived in this place for a long time, wanted a small but sunshiny house of one-story just as their child became independent from them.”

Do you find this place to be magical? Circle yes or no.

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  1. Livingbox

    Dec 7, 2015 at 4:29 am

    We totally love your livingroom layout.

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