Featured Artist: Jennifer Mehigan

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Artist Jennifer Mehigan seems to have a thing for fire. Which is totally understandable — fire is a weird, mystical, scary, awesome thing. It’s the way that Jennifer reinterpret’s fire, represents it, in her drawings and paintings that have us interested. We just love her simplistic representations of houses with rainbow fire. Almost nice fire. But also exceedingly disturbing fire. She also seems to have been playing around with digital collage in previous years that look a lot like what we’re been seeing around the art world lately.

From her bio: “I am an international graphic designer that recently started incorporating unconventional painting styles and illustration to a combined digital and analogue body of work. With a background lying in Fine Art, many of my new series are a process of rediscovering an array of religious and cultural esoterica, traditional techniques and classical imagery that is then deconstructed and often destroyed. I currently work in Sydney, and attend the College of Fine Arts studying a BFA in Art Education. Always happy to collaborate, email, swap prints or zines in the post, whatever.” More.

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