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Easy industrial DIY: Cool side table

Categories: DIY + How To

Love a little hint of industrial in an otherwise modern home! Just gives the space a bit of grit to it, you know? A little tough-as-nails-so-what feeling. A little yeah…we don’t need no ornamentation. And, luckily for folks who like to make their own things, industrial design also usually means not a lot of parts and it’s totally okay if something gets banging up in the process. Spotted these Industrial Side Tables on Lowes Creative Ideas.com, and love them. Totally doable by just about anyone. So cheap and easy you’ll want to make a million of them, and so versatile you’ll want to use them as coffee tables, side tables, nightstands and more.

How much do you love this project, and how many of these are you going to make for you home?

Image: Lowes Creative Ideas.com

One Comment to "Easy industrial DIY: Cool side table"

  1. This is fantastic! My head is spinning with all sorts of ideas…

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