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Dorota Buczkowska’s creepy/cool sculpture and photography

Categories: Art + Graphics

Never has someone’s art made us so creeped out yet captivated us so fully, as well. Polish artist Dorota Buczkowska’s work seems to play with a viewer’s expectations of weight and density; soft materials are shaped and photographed in ways that they look sturdier or heavier than they are, and heavy objects are made to seem almost like they float.

The color palette is apocalyptic — void of really any vibrancy at all. There’s some color, but the colors are heavy and unhappy. And yet, despite all of this, this work isn’t really depressing or sad. Check out more of this art on the Polish art gallery Czarna Galeria page for Dorota Buczkowska. (The website has an English version, so it’s not all in a foreign language!

2 Comments to "Dorota Buczkowska’s creepy/cool sculpture and photography"

  1. thank you :)

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