DIY: Neon pillow trim pops

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So everyone knows right now that the super hot thing to do in your house is add a pop or three of neon color. Modern enthusiasts the world over are looking for ways to do just that thing. In accessories on a table top? Sure that’s a good spot. In art on the wall? Yeah you could do that too. But why not put a couple of pops of neon color in a surprising place: on some throw pillows.

You could already have some pillows you love but want to revamp some, or, you could buy some really cheap, neutral-colored pillows and make them super cool. Whatever you do, you’ll just need a little sewing experience to craft this look. Inspiring by these pillows that you can buy from Shop ten 25, we found this great tutorial on adding trim to a pillow on e-How. Just find some trim at your local craft store, and start trimming!

What do you think about this DIY spot to add neon pops of color in your home? You gonna try it or what?!

Image: Shop ten 25
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