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DIY: Knotted rope headboard

Categories: DIY + How To

Loving the eagle eyes behind Poppytalk blog for spotting this awesome headboard in the April issue of Real Living. They’re totally right; this has oodles of DIY potential to it. It looks like they just took a simple wood frame, drilled some holes around the edges, and then used rope to create a random criss cross pattern. Isn’t that just grand? We could see this duplicated with something smaller and thinner like yarn, string or twine and definitely see used with a myriad of colors. Love it! See a close up at Poppytalk.

Would you try this headboard DIY idea?

Image: Projects & styling Erin Michael, Photography Maree Homer for Real Living via Poppytalk

8 Comments to "DIY: Knotted rope headboard"

  1. Love this modern twist on a headboard and easy!!

  2. Would never build this – a baby could get caught up in the web and get strangled. Very dangerous!!

  3. Trying this out today with dad! Lets see how it goes.

  4. Great great idea!! Looks awesome!! I want to try this for my daughters twin bed.

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