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DIY: Best/Cheapest Modern Coat Rack

Categories: DIY + How To

Our faces are kind of melting from the awesomeness that is this super simple modern coat rack that Weekend Carnival posted about earlier today. Are you even ready to hear about its simplicity and brilliance? They took a few thick wooden dowels (which we imagine could be purchased at home improvement stores, but we bet you could use plain curtain rods in a pinch) and then they took a little neon twine and made this puppy up! We’re a little iffy about how actually easy this would be to do, but maybe grab an extra pair of hands, balance the dowels a bit, tie the twine to the dowels and then use a little glue to finish it off. See more inspiring photos in Weekend Carnival’s post.

We’re definitely gonna try making one of these for our home! So simple and cute. What do you think?!

Images: Weekend Carnival

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