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Claudia Cornew’s exploration with natural fibers over the last 5 years have rendered these very unique and organic handbags. They are 100% handmade in collaboration with a group of women from the Mexican countryside. I first met Claudia in 2008, her bags gleamed amidst an array of booths and a multitude of people in Mexico City’s finest art and design bazaar. A brief chat was enough to perceive her passion for handcraft, wool, and experimentation. She has always been fond of the nature of creating one-of-a-kind manual objects.

I have never been attracted to machine-made items, or work that is mass-produced, monotonous and perfectly copied.

I know that handwork reflects the imperfections and perfectibility of humanity. This stimulates me, as does this enormous and vibrant Mexican city, so varied, so vibrant. It inspires and exhausts me.

Using mainly wool and silk, Claudia’s collection has grown to include accessories, curtains and tapestries.  To discover more of her work and read her full story, visit Claudia Cornew’s website.

If you happen to be in NY, stop by the MoMa store to see her special edition silk and wool scarves!

Images: ClaudiaCornew.com
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