Classified Moto’s modern motorcycle furniture

Modern Decor

Normally this sort of stuff always comes off kind of weird or lame, but man, we are LOVING the products that Classified Moto is making out of motorcycle parts. Actually cool looking stuff! And the prices don’t even look too bad! A floor lamp will only run you $429 and a table lamp just $199.

“Classified Moto is a small shop specializing in quirky vintage custom bikes and other unique moto expressions. One of their best sellers is the Classified Moto Lamp made entirely of recycled parts from the company’s Richmond, Virginia workshop or rescued from salvage yards. Made from a brake rotor, shock and transmission gear, each lamp is crafted by hand and numbered with engraving available for a small extra charge. The basic design using popular Japanese components starts at $199 USD plus shipping. But if you’re feeling extra creative, Classified can custom-build a lamp using the parts of your choice. They have also recently introduced cafe style tables and floor lamps.” More. Shop.

Images: Adam Ewing via Classified Moto
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