Casa da Ladeira by Oficina de Arquitectura

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More stunning architecture standing in contrast and complement to a startling landscape, this time seen in Casa da Ladeira by Oficina de Arquitectura, located in Serra da Freita, Portugal.

Set among rocky, well, rocks, the gray of the concrete certainly makes the sleek architecture fit more naturally with the organic shapes of the landscape.

Instead of windows on one side, openings in the concrete seem to let hints of more natural wood pop up and out.

Love homes that seem different from every angle, that respond differently to every angle. That understand that each side is an opportunity to communicate some other wonderful piece of architectural design.

What do you think about this home? Something special, don’t you think?

Images: Architizer
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  1. JUURI

    Apr 25, 2012 at 8:20 am

    The house is amazing, but not sure if I want to live in *such* a barren landscape… looks like a construction zone or quarry. :'(

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