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California-Cool: Ojai House by HERE Design

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

One of the most photographed and talked about homes in the Greater Los Angeles area is right in the heart of Ojai. Developed by Los Angeles architect and interior designer Kate Svoboda-Spanbock of Here Design, the property was apparently a nightmare to work with from the very beginning, and not because of the clients! Long, narrow and sloping, the 1,600 square foot lot was studded with mature trees that could not be moved (not that anyone wanted to). Not to mention the fact that they were working with a limited budget; the property was one of the toughest Svoboda-Spanbock had ever seen.

Kate’s notes: “This house was designed for a long, narrow, sloping lot that was studded with protected trees. The house embraces the lot, integrating three courtyards, numerous surprising diagonal views and a 65′ front to back circulation pathway, all of which make the otherwise small house feel very large. The design celebrates the landscape, using joyful color and patterns and simple materials to bring the garden inside.”

We ADORE the chartreuse-painted interior window and door trim. Love the mix of traditional and modern furnishings. And not being afraid of adding those colorful and bold tiles in a modern home. See more on Kate’s firm HERE Design.

Images: by Skye Moorhead with permission from HERE Design

6 Comments to "California-Cool: Ojai House by HERE Design"

  1. Suburb it is not, nice small town though. Great looking house.

  2. My jaws are dropping. This exactly the kind of house that I would love for myself someday- unique, cozy, roomy, artsy and incredibly fun. I can just imagine how the other rooms look like.

  3. This house looks so bright. Love the use of different colors. It’s done very well. The chartreuse door and window frames really pop.

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