Beavory artist Keren Mack’s mural in Tel Aviv

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From artist Keren Mack, of Beavory: “I was asked by the City of Tel Aviv, Israel to create a mural painting in their new youth house Mazha 9- Tel aviv. It’s almost a 25 meter long mural plus 3 meters on the ceiling. It took 6 days, 1 ladder, more than 50 special markers and one me. I had a general idea of what I wanted to draw but once I started it just grew by itself in a way. I am hoping to do more projects like this and who know maybe one day my dream will come true and there will be a whole city of Beavory: gardens, restaurants, clubs with magic mushrooms, wave shaped trees, custom dressing beavers, owl muffins and love turtles.” A video:

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