7 Modern-designed homes out of barns

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Our body might be in a room while we type this, but our mind is in a gorgeous country field somewhere, staring up at the clouds. Spring!!! If you lived in one of these  modern homes that were designed to look like a barn or renovated from an existing barn and had kids, someone might say to them, “Were you raised in a barn?!”  if they ever got unruly, and they’d have the distinct pleasure of  getting to say yes. Now, that’s shouldn’t be enough to warrant you wanting to live in a modern barn, but the gorgeous photos and styles of these seven homes certainly will be.

Bringing a certain warmth to modern architecture, the barn shape immediately evokes a pastoral sort of feel, imbuing modern lines with softness, innocence and a connection to the surrounding landscape that you just don’t always see in other types of modern design. Also it’s charming as F@$&. Here are seven stunning modern barn homes.

Stealth Barn by Carl Turner Architects

Blair Barnhouse by Alchemy Architects

Barndominium by LOJO

Modern Barn Conversion by S. Russell Groves

Balancing Barn, Suffolk by MVRDV architects

Ty Pren by Feilden Fowles

Barn House

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  1. Jennifer

    Apr 9, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    I love barns!

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