7 Homes that Pop Despite Killer Surroundings

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You might think that having to be built in a urban or suburban environment is the stiffest competition for a house, but you’d be wrong. While you’ve got other homes built by men to compete with, you don’t have to go toe to toe (or doorjamb to doorjamb?) with MOTHER NATURE, like the seven gorgeous homes featured in this post. The thing is, that’s our favorite element to each one of these homes. Not only do they look awesome by themselves, they totally stand out apart from the stunning landscapes that hug them. But still respect them, too. The post could also be called “Seven Marvelous Modern Homes with Killer Views so Gorgeous You’ll Cry.”

Weekend House by David Jay Weiner

Tiny metal modern box: Summer Cabin 4:12

Pabellon en Lamina by Parque Humano

Weekend House

Summerhill Residence

Casa Lasso

Stay Modern: Iceland, center of the earth

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