We Like What They Do: LUCAS MAASSEN & SONS

Modern Decor

Lucas Maassen designs ’em. They’re built in his studio. Then? Then the magic happens. His sons, Thijme (9), Julian (7) and Maris (7), paint them. Time, of course, is the essence when it comes to mass production, so the unique style these kiddos have come up with makes for one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that melt the heart.

“His Sons are responsible for the paint job of the furniture which is build in the factory. They get paid 1 Euro for every piece of furniture they paint. As agreed by the contract they signed. Due to Dutch child labour laws it is only possible for Thijme, Julian and Maris to work for 3 hours a week. As a result of this the production speed has became a crucial factor in the process. Time limitations are set, they contribute to the typical LM&S aesthetics.”

What do you think about buying furniture that’s been painted by little kids?!

Images: Mike Roelofs
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